Jost Muxfeldt, Non-Soliloquy

Sound installation or performance piece with indirect feedback

Description of the audience experience:
The visitor is situated in a precarious balancing act with the installation. He/she enters a room in which a complex play of electronic sounds seem to appear only with hesitation and forced restraint. The visitor soon notices, however, that the sound of her own motions and other sounds (clapping, whistling, speaking) sometimes can lead to dramatic chain reactions which, however, only seem indirectly related to those sounds. On the one hand, one wants to be quiet in order to hear the sounds, and on the other hand one is tempted to carefully intervene in the events with own sound contributions.

  • Premiered in performance form for IRRAH Verlag, Berlin, 2001 .
    the performance included the reading of a partially encrypted text, where the reading itself was used to stimulate the feedback loop.