2014 NK-Projekt Berlin. A SuperCollider Production Environement. Presentation.

2007 Transmediale Festival, Berlin. Audio Kinematics. Exhibit/Installation as part of Tesla at Transmediale.

2007 Ultraschall Festival, Berlin. Audio Kinematics . Exhibit/Installation as part of Tesla at Ultraschall.

2006 programming for Takumi Endo and Martin Riches, Phonethica: Off the Wall. Tesla Media Arts Center, Berlin.

2005 International Conference Architecture and Philosophy: Arakawa and Gins. Université Paris X  Nanterre. Lecture: Architectural Knowledge

2005, July 2-24. Exhibited in the German Architecture Museum in Frankfurt: Graphics of the Frankfurt Airport Terminal 3, design by HPP Architekten, Leipzig.

1994 "Klingende Dinge" in Linz. Programming for the installation of Laura Kikauka