Software Architecture and Development

I offer solutions for media art and internet technology on a freelance basis.

  • Symfony
    Including CQRS and Event-Sourcing.
  • Vue.js
    Offline-first PWA development.
  • Drupal Modules 
    Expert Drupal custom module programming to customer specifications.
  • Drupal Architecture 
    Drupal 8/9 site and web-application architecture, strategy, and consulting.
  • Drupal Migration
    Site and data migration from earlier Drupal versions and from other platforms.
  • Frontend
    Javascript, HTML5  / CSS3.
  • SuperCollider call_made 
    sound and media development
  • Processing call_made 
    media development solutions
Technical Project Management and IT Strategy Consulting

Expertise in internet technology, multimedia, databases, and software-development, combined with extensive experience in architecture and art, allow for precise, well designed solutions for a broad range of needs, from websites, office management software,  to multimedia exhibits and internet applications.  

  • Artistic Consulting
    and Technical Proof-of-Concepts
  • Strategy Consulting
    and Cost Analysis
  • Task & Time
    Management for IT Projects
  • Team & Resource
    Management for IT Projects
Open Source
  • SuperCollider Sound Programming
    Numerous contributions to the GUI classes, documentation, and sourcecode of the SuperCollider  programming language.
  • See also under Supercollider Projects