2014 NK-Projekt Berlin. A SuperCollider Production Environement. Presentation.

2005 International Conference Architecture and Philosophy: Arakawa and Gins. Université Paris X  Nanterre. Lecture: Architectural Knowledge

2004 Computer Graphics and Animations in The Machines, by Martin Riches.

2003 INTERFACES vol 21-22. "A Reverse Teleology" On identity and mortality in the architecture of Arakawa and Madeline Gins; College of the Holy Cross / Université Paris 7 Denis Diderot.

... 40 Iterations for a Piano Module in "Ein Begriff des Experimentellen", edited by Stephan Wunderlich. ISBN 3-923551-06-1.

Die Tageszeitung: Lamonte Young's Dream House. (1992)

NIKE New Art In Europe (Munich): Berlin is a Resonant City . Alvin Lucier in the DAAD-Galery. 1992.

Deutschland Sender Kultur, Berlin: Radio Documentaries:

  • Lamonte Young
  • Margaret Leng Tan, a portrait.
  • In Memoriam John Cage: Interview with Margaret Leng Tan.