Sound installations form a nexus between the visual, spatial, audio, and conceptual mediums as a forum for artistic intervention. Strongly indebted to the tradition of concept art, they create constellations of cross-medial relations, as cryptograms designed for sensitizing their audience to a dimension of attention and awareness which is outside of the ordinary, only to create new vantage points from which ordinary everyday experience is then relativized and thus also transformed. They are invitations to take our personal existential refuge not merely in thought, emotion, and self-reflection, but to experience the possibility of a more extended relation to the world. They can only be experienced fully through active participation of the audience, through concentration, movement, and perception, which does not settle for the simple objectification of what is presented, but rather, as a mode and goal of perception, constantly stretches and moves, never allowing for simple reflection. As such, they move through the spaces of music, art, architecture, literature, philosophy, and even dance.